UNIQUE Community Calendar


A community-powered tool to gather Quebec-based events at the intersection of neuroscience and AI.

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UNIQUE Community Calendar

The UNIQUE Community Calendar is a community-powered resource for events occurring in and around Québec that feature machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience— and especially work at their intersection.

In this, it highlights events of interest to the UNIQUE community. Posting events is not restricted to UNIQUE community members, however! All relevant posts are welcome.

You can add a new event to the calendar by filling out a quick Google form.

To see existing events, you can view the calendar here or follow us on Twitter at @CalendarUnique.

Moderating events

We trust the community to use this calendar appropriately. However, because events are posted automatically, there is a clear possibility of abuse.

If you notice any posting which is offensive, inappropriate, duplicated, or otherwise contains incorrect or upsetting information, please report this directly. We have created a report link to expedite this process.

On receiving a report, calendar maintainers will review the flagged event details. As this calendar is run as a volunteer, community-based service, response time may be delayed.

Ultimately, we take no responsibility for the content or administration of any events which appear in the calendar.


This calendar was directly inspired by the Open Research Calendar.